Here are some of the various projects that I’ve worked on:

Midlands Landscaping – (template) Landscaping company based in Lexington, SC

  • Customized WordPress
  • Custom post-types
  • Created sticky header navigation
  • Modified Javascript plug-in to create various animated effects

D.Brown Graphics – This is my personal site.

  • Modified Wordpress theme
  • Added full-screen slideshow on homepage
  • Created sticky header navigation
  • Custom post-types in the admin interface

Dapper Ink – A custom screen-printer in Greenville, SC.

  • Website development
  • Single page layout
  • Full-screen slideshow
  • Javascript – Scroll to anchor
  • Custom form for t-shirt & letterpress design inquiry
  • PHP form completion for inquiry notification

Chad Norris – (inactive) Chad Norris is a local pastor in Greenville, SC. The goal with his site was to make the backend simple & easy for him to use & to also promote a new book he had just published.  The backend/blog portion of his site used his Tumblr feed while the rest of the site was custom HTML & CSS. Tumblr was used because of its simple backend. It was thought that the WordPress & other CMS were a bit too much for what was wanted. The unique problem with Tumblr is that  you don’t have the freedom to manage post as well as in WordPress.

  • Website Development
  • Integration with Tumblr feed

NeedtoBreathe Fan Club – (inactive) I had the opportunity several years ago to redesign NeedtoBreathe’s fan page. NeedtoBreathe is an American Christian rock band from Seneca, SC. The unique problem I had with their fan page is that another company had already setup all of the user interactions and database connections & I had no access to the actual HTML. So the redesign is solely based on CSS manipulations to change backgrounds and handle how selectors are viewed. The link for this site is just  a sample of what the final site looked like, but because it pulled in user information, certain areas would be more populated than for other users.

The Amazing Factor – I was contracted to build the WordPress backend for Steve Edwards’ site. Steve is a motivational speaker & life coach.

  • Custom WordPress development

Rosewood Communities – (inactive) Rosewood Communities is a local community home developer in Greer, SC. At the time, they just wanted a website to promote a couple of their communities that they were developing.