Who is Daniel Brown of DBrown Graphics?
Many may know him as Daniel, some will refer to him as DBrown or DB. And for awhile in college on the field of combat he was known as D-Dirty. But who is he now?

World Traveler Motivational Speaker Photographer Advocate Web Developer Taekwondo Black Belt Graphic Designer Computer Programmer Entrepreneur Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt… and we could go on.

Born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina, DBrown had hopes and dreams of becoming a professional basketball player. But he realized early on that a less than 5 foot 8 inch skinny frame isn’t suitable for the NBA. So he took up less team oriented sports such as rollerblading or aggressive skating. Once the broken bones healed and college started this soon became a distant hobby to school work and college intramural sports.

Then back in 2002 DBrown fulfilled every 8-year-old’s dream & started taking martial arts. By 2006 he was a 1st degree black guy belt in Taekwondo & currently holds a 4th degree black belt.

When DB graduated from college with a BS in Computer Science & a Masters in Graphic Communications in 2008 it was a rough time to find work. Luckily he found a niche working for a non-profit doing graphics & web work during the day, but he also worked with many youth to teach them about youth advocacy. From there he moved on to work for a Fortune 500 company as an IT Specialist & Programmer.

After much debating, the call of the wild was too strong & the urge to travel & reach out to others less fortunate became a desire of DB’s heart. He quit his job in July of 2013 & has been living out of a bag ever since. While traveling he is taking his vast skills around the world with him. He is currently working as a freelance web developer.

And this is where we leave you, to venture through DBrown’s thoughts and stories as he journeys to lands far & near.